MIFF 2012 at the Oaks Stadium 10

In its 15th year, the Melbourne Independent Filmmakers Festival continues to be a fun metropolitan venue for some of today’s most inventive filmmakers. Real Food Real Kitchens show proceeds support the local charity, the Children’s Hunger Project. All other proceeds support the No Limits Academy.

With the exception of Real Foods Real Kitchens, all programs contain mature content and may not be suitable for children.

VIP ALL ACCESS PASS $60.00 (Best Deal of the Weekend)

Join the MIFF VIP Afterparty on the balcony. VIP ticket holders and filmmakers only.

Tickets for the VIP After Party provide access to all MIFF events.

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Matinee Magic
Friday Sep 6 3:00 pm $5.00

"The Absence" Directed by Alex Demille 29:00
A bureaucrat is sent to a mysterious town, where he confronts the devastating consequences of his work and must choose whether to continue to obey his messianic leader.

"Elegy for a Revolutionary" Directed by Paul Van Zyl 22:00
Can violence be justified as a way of opposing tyranny against the apartheid-era government in South Africa.

"Driftwood" directed by James Webber 11:08
A London teen named Sam, a swimming prodigy, finds his life is split into two very different worlds.

"The Woods" Directed by Bob Castle 7:00
A girl being chased by a monster comes across an old man trying to save her.

"A Day Alone" Directed by Christina Picazo L'Heureux 3:36
Do you ever wonder what happens when you leave the house...

"The Last Orange Grove of Middle Florida" Directed by Carl Knickerbocker 2:45
An orange grove is transformed into a housing subdivision and Middle Florida is revealed.

"The Florida Suite" Directed by Jeff Thompson 41:00
In a small grove, near the banks of the Indian River, a man tends to his citrus and cares for his elderly mother.

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Real Food Real Kitchens
Friday Sep 6 4:30 pm $20.00

(All Funds to Benefit the Children's Hunger Fund)
The TV series about Family, Food, Culture, and History will premiere the first episode from season 2 and two new spin-off series: Real Food Real Kitchens ‘International’, and Real Food Real Kitchens ‘Resorts & Vacations’. It will also introduce audiences to the recently released Real Food Real Kitchens magazine. The screening will be followed by a reception upstairs with tastings of food from past and present episodes.

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"Fright Night Friday" Horror Program
(Ages 17 and Over Only)
Friday Sep 6 7:00pm $10.00

"La Ricetta (The Recipe)" directed by Jason Noto 5:06
After a boy is confronted with death for the first time, he turns to his imagination for protection and understanding.

"Creepy Crawly" directed by Jason Daly and Robert J. Massetti 6:00
A family fights for survival when they encounter a creepy, bloodthirsty creature never seen before by human eyes.

"Killer Kart" directed by James Feeney 14:41
An evil grows, in plain sight, four wheels and a basket; Forged of aluminum in the fires of hell.

"DEAD SPACE: Chase to Death" Directed by Eric Zaragoza 3:26
This is a live action video, from the universe of Dead Space, where Isaac Clarke must travel through a dead spaceship without alarming the necromorphs.

"Rockabilly Zombie Weekend" Directed by Jaime Velez-Soto 88:00
When Becky and Grant arrive at their rockabilly-themed wedding, despite warnings of a West Nile Virus outbreak, things go horribly wrong as the mosquito-spread virus spawns zombies, who begin feeding on the wedding guests as well as the other locals. The two newlyweds have to escape along with their family and friends if they ever want to live to see their honeymoon!

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Comedy Show
(Ages 17 and Over Only)
Friday Sep 6 9:15pm $10.00

Features raucous films and hiarious performance comedy with Dana Snyder (Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Squidbillies), Lear Bunda (Adult Swim, Squidbillies), Joey Figueroa(MILIUS), Zak Knutson (MILIUS), Matt Mariska (Code Monkeys, Robot Chicken), Ken Plume(Ken P.D. Snydecast), Andy Sipes (Code Monkeys), and cocktail-making aficionados Pat Martin and Billy Tracey from Facebook's "What Are Pat and Billy Drinking?" Also "The Dock Show", "La Croix Boyz", and exclusive content not yet shown on Adult Swim and Comedy Central. Warning mature content not intended for children.

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Late Night Grindhouse
(Ages 17 and Over Only)
Friday Sep 6 11:00pm $10.00

(The Bloody Jug Band) Roadkill Boys Directed by Steven Shea 4:10
music video

(The Bangups) Ego Wrecking Ball produced by Virginia Anzengruber 3:06
music video

Dracula vs. The Ripper Directed by Vince Courtney 5:11
The Adventures of Ed & Rudy Greg Pitts 7:08
Ed & Rudy's lives take a turn due to Rudy's fraudulent business. Rudy is a cyber criminal who steals money off of people's credit cards. While his main man Ed & La Mer tell him to stop, Rudy swears 'they can't find me!' While every thing seems to be in favor of Rudy, La Mer and Ed's prediction comes to fruition. What will happen to Rudy?

Titanadon vs. Mechamantis Directed by Adam Ruckersfeldt 8:43
Greg, the star of a series of B-movie monster films, wakes up fused to his costume.

Lost Faith Directed by Joel D. Wynkoop 1:20:34
Steve Nekoda (Joel D. Wynkoop) is a good guy having a bad day. And it just got worse: His beautiful model wife has been kidnapped and she is going to be sold into the lucrative white slavery market by an evil karate master!. Nekoda must first reach deep down inside himself to find what burns in his soul to regain his Lost Faith...and kick ass!

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Florida Filmmakers and more
Saturday Sep 7 $10.00

9:00 am Florida Filmmakers Matinee - a collection of films by Florida filmmakers. (Film order subject to change.)
"We Bought A Ghost" Directed by Ray & Migdalia Etheridge 12:01
John and Kathy move into their new house, and soon discover why they were able to buy it so cheap.

"Life's a Picnic" Directed by James Ivy Iverson 9:10

"Sulfur Water" Directed by Josh Malyn 5:07
What lives inside a sinkhole?

"Aloysius" Directed by JoAnn Johnson 1:45
Fluorescent psychedelic fun!

"Rhum Racing" Directed by Joe Cloidt 5:10

"The Art of Sound" Greg Pitts 4:30
Explores the manner in which sound resonates and it exemplifies fusion of art with waves of sound. There's nothing else like it.

"Notarize This!" Directed by Jeffrey Michael Rose 14:48

"Long Distance" Directed by Kallie Wade 4:19
Kaylee and Tony's relationship is perfect, but everything changes when Tony moves away.

"Milkmen's Matinee" Directed by Luis Lorenzo 3:05

"Becoming a Blue Knight" Directed by Phil Lister 14:48
The new recruitment film created for the Blue Knights® International.

"One Mother's Day" Directed by Sue Dontell and Gary Lester 16:20
An act of kindness can save a life by just letting someone know you care and that they matter.

"Insert Superhero Name Here" Directed by Kevin Shah 5:00
Who is the real superhero and who can become one?

"Mama Cougar" Directed by Sue Dontell 20:59
Don't mess with a mother's child or the Mother Cougar will come out and get you.

"Phone Tunes" Directed by Anthony Paredes & Luis Lorenzo 1:46

"The Guy Knows Everything" Directed by Joops Fragale 25:30
The story follows bar pals who face off in a game of sports trivia, when a stranger, with a penchant for whiskey, ups the stakes with a seemingly unending knowledge beyond sports into their personal lives. With the clock ticking towards a midnight deadline, will the group survive using their wits alone before the money and time runs out?

"Just Roll With It" Directed by Nicole Machon 6:07
A first date takes an interesting turn.

"The Chase: A Silly Storm Safari" Directed by Chris Kridler 2:46

"Lean Times" Directed by John Czere 11:23
A post-apocalyptic film about vengeance, the depths we will sink to in order to survive, and the consequences of losing our humanity.

"Satan's Broken Family" Directed by John F. Kilderry 7:50
Satan's twin daughters reunite after being separated at birth while being followed by Father Superman.

"Bad Penny" Directed by Vince Courtney and Bill Ronat 4:24

"Aishiteru" Directed by Mikhail Howell 13:13
A story of love that spans the centuries.

"Fall Story" Directed by John Kilderry 14:54
A man falls in his kitchen and uses his Fall-O-Lert button to get help. Warning adult language and situations.

"Stay" Directed by Justin Zuckerman 10:25
A boy attempts to get his crush to notice him by pretending to be gay.

1:00 pm Meet Special Guest Joel D. Wynkoop

1:15 pm Meet the Filmmakers Roundtable Q & A

2:00 pm Meet directors Joey Figueroa, Zak Knutson, and producer Ken Plume "Making Documentaries For Today and the Future!"

3:00 pm MILIUS - the John Milius Documentary 104:00 A look at the life of filmmaker, John Milius. Directed by Joey Figueroa and Zak Knutson. The true story of the greatest filmmaker you never knew.

5:00 pm World of Spectacular Films - a selection of international and non-Florida films

"Out of Print" directed by Brad Meyer 9:18
Bob Katzman is quickly decaying, alongside his collection of over 150,000 periodicals, in his “own personal tomb of paper”.

"The Diver" directed by Damon Mohl 13:40
The strange life of a plastic toy diver.

"Flame" directed by Rajesh Naroth 15:35
Former lovers Soni and Rameez meet after several years. As they struggle to reconnect, old flames are rekindled.

"Where Do We Go From Here" directed by Michael Challenger 17:46
A young man surprises his family with a deep dark secret that puts them in an uncompromising truth.

"The Soldier: The Search for Existence" directed by Robert Mann 16:00
A surrealistic story about a solitary soldier who wanders aimlessly in a barren desert in search of his existence.

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Fun and Festive Selection of Films and Awards Ceremony
Saturday Sep 7 7:00pm $20.00

Red Carpet Reception begins at 6:30 pm
"Blame It On Florida" 15:00 Directed by Glenn Przyborski EXCLUSIVE to MIFF!
Two girls come to Brevard County and learn to surf! Produced in 1969, this truly indie film was a hit among the Armed Forces and show a glamorous look back at our community.

"Buzkashi Boys" 29:30 Directed by Sam French - Academy Award Nominee
Set against the dramatic landscape of contemporary Afghanistan and the National sport of Buzkashi - a brutal game of horse polo played with a dead goat - Buzkashi Boys tells the coming of age story of two best friends.

"Curfew" 19:00 Directed by Shawn Christensen - Academy Award Winner
At the lowest point of his life, Richie gets a call from his estranged sister, asking him to look after his nine-year old niece, Sophia, for a few hours.

"Karl of the Future" Directed by Nick Reinhard 8:38
As the Janotor of Earth's Most Famous Starship Karl is used to cleaning up. But nowhere in his job description does it say anything about stopping an intergalactic war.

"Betrayal Square" 12:27 by Paulette King
A short film delving in the realm of unfaithful spouses with a dramatic twist.

"Fiend Fatale" 13:00 Directed by Steven Shea
Five sisters, a vampire, zombie, werewolf, demon and mermaid, cloned from the DNA of extinct monsters, are thrust into the modern world and facing off against the government, terrorists and themselves.

Awards ceremony

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VIP After-Party
Saturday Sep 7 8:45pm $60.00

VIP after-party on the upstairs catered by The Courtyard at the Oaks. Entertainment by recording artists Robin & Eddy.(VIP ticket holders and filmmakers only)

Special thanks to Rachel Hoch and Bill Williams, and to MIFF 2013 intern Nicole Machon.

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